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Brenda Humble

Brenda Humble, a renowned Australian artist, was born in Brisbane in 1933. With a passion for art, she expressed herself through her remarkable creations, which have become highly regarded worldwide.

Humble began her career as an artist in the 1960s and gained recognition for her artwork that showcased her unique style and creativity. Brenda’s remarkable success was highlighted by 16 solo exhibitions.┬áHer portrait of Virginia Hall won the 1982 Portia Geach Prize, a significant award for women in the art world.

Sadly, Brenda passed away in 2011, but her paintings continue to inspire new generations of artists, and her legacy lives on. She held over 16 solo exhibitions and left behind a legacy that continues to inspire aspiring artists.

Portrait of Brenda Humble by Toby Burrows


At Brenda Humble Gallery, we are thrilled to showcase the works of Brenda Humble, a talented Australian artist with a unique vision and style.

Humble's artistic journey began with her initial study of industrial design, but a passion for exploring new mediums and techniques quickly emerged. Her works are evocative, thought-provoking pieces that captivate the viewer with their raw emotion and bold aesthetics.

Humble's experience working in sculpture and exploring discarded materials add layers of complexity and depth to her artwork. Her ability to take something overlooked and transform it into a thing of beauty is a testament to her artistic prowess. With her own unique style, colour and design are evident in each stroke of her brush.

Humble's work has been exhibited extensively and is in collections worldwide, and her unique perspective on beauty and art has been recognized and celebrated by art enthusiasts and critics alike.


Awards & Prizes

1976 South Sydney Prize
1981 Portia Geach Portrait Prize
1981 Arthur Phillip Cumberland Artist Portrait Prize
1984 Berrima Art Prize


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1990 Australian Contemporary Art Fair Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, VIC


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