Brenda Humble Gallery

Celebrating Art
in the Heart of Newcastle

About the Brenda Humble Gallery

Brenda Humble Gallery is an art space committed to sharing the beauty and creativity of Australian artist Brenda Humble (1933-2011). Located in the heart of the Newcastle region, our gallery is dedicated to exhibiting and selling the exquisite artwork of this visionary artist.

While our current focus is solely on showcasing Brenda's awe-inspiring pieces, we strive to promote creativity and unique expression across all art forms. Our goal is to foster a vibrant and inclusive art community that continually inspires and challenges the limits of artistic expression.

We hope to provide a refreshing and immersive experience that will leave visitors feeling invigorated and inspired.

Our Values

Brenda Humble Gallery is a space that values inclusivity and diversity and is dedicated to representing the art and voices of emerging artists, especially women artists.

We believe that art has the power to inspire and unite communities. We are committed to showcasing works that celebrate the beauty and complexity of the world around us.

Uncovering the History of Waratah School of Arts

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The Gallerist

Jackie Wilson

Jackie Wilson is the gallerist of the Brenda Humble Gallery, located in Newcastle, Australia As the daughter of renowned artist Brenda Humble, and also as a talented artist in her own right – Jackie has witnessed the various struggles and obstacles that impact artists, especially women.

Jackie’s passion for promoting and uplifting artists has only grown over the years. She is a fierce advocate for women artists, striving towards making their work more visible and accessible while inspiring the next generation of artists.

Drawing from her mother’s legacy, Jackie’s vision is to create a diverse community that celebrates artists of all backgrounds and experiences.

Visit &
Be Inspired

The Brenda Humble Gallery is located in the Waratah School of Arts, cnr of Station & Market Sts.

Only a short walk from Waratah Railway Station.

Gallery Hours

Closed during Winter
Fri - Sun: 11am to 5pm
By Appointment all other times

Current Exhibition

Inaugaral Exhibition:
Showcasing the works of Brenda Humble (1933 - 2011)

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